As the nights draw in and the weather deteriorates, it is well worth carrying out some essential garden maintenance to ensure your outdoor space is in a good state of repair. One of the typical casualties of wet and windy weather is garden fencing Liverpool wide and beyond, but there are other areas of your garden that need attention too.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to ensure fencing, decking and driveways Liverpool wide survive the winter intact. We’ll also consider when you should call in the experts for repairs or replacement. Firstly, your fencing: closely examine the base along its length. Are the posts free and unobstructed by debris such as weeds and rubbish? It’s important to keep the ground surrounding the fence as clear as possible. Accumulated rubbish, organic or otherwise, prevents the drainage of rainwater into the ground below and stops the surface drying out after wet weather. You will end up with a muddy mess at best. At worst, the damp will attack your fence posts’ firm foundations. Next, examine the fence and posts themselves. Are the posts firmly fixed in the ground or do they give when pushed? Are any sections of the fencing cracked or rotten? Does the whole thing wobble in the wind? If so, it could be time to call in a good fencing Liverpool based company to conduct some repairs. It’s a false economy not to: the high winds we experience in winter can easily exploit, lift and detach loose sections, and you could end up having to replace the lot.

Autumn is also an ideal time to treat decking Liverpool wide to a quick makeover, to ensure it will withstand the worst of the winter weather. Paint, deck stain or decking oils will all help weatherproof the surface, but which you choose is a matter of taste and how you want the wood to look. Be warned, though: you’ll need a dry day to carry out the job. Most decking products dislike wet weather, so don’t apply them when there has been rain, or is likely to be before the product dries fully. If you struggle to find the time or energy to do this job yourself, it’s well worth looking for Liverpool timber decking specialists to do it for you. Prevention is likely to be a lot less expensive than having to replace the whole deck when spring and summer come. Finally, driveways deserve some attention at this time of year too. Again, if you want to avoid a costly project to repave or re-concrete your drive, regular maintenance is a must. Keep the area clear of standing water and debris, and apply a sealant. This not only waterproofs the site, but will also fill in smaller chips and cracks that have appeared over the year.

A good company specialising in driveway repair in Liverpool can do this for you if you’re not sure how to tackle the job. Alternatively, why not look for a firm that offers maintenance and repair solutions for all decking, driveways and fencing Liverpool wide? That way, the company will come in, assess what’s needed and carry out all the work in one go, giving you peace of mind that your garden is protected throughout the winter months.

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